Thursday 21 July 2016


Arggh, I'm in a muddle. I'm leaving on the weekend for 2 weeks at the cabin. And, unfortunately I started packing last week. Unfortunate because now I have packed:

9 books:  2 non-fiction, 4 light reading but longish, 3 more heavy duty reading

A couple of knitting projects, none of them started yet:
1 hemp sleeveless top
1 DK saddle shoulder cardigan
1 DK cabled saddle shoulder cardigan
1 aran V-neck
1 cowl

5 audio books to listen to as I knit at a frantic pace

about 17 extra balls of yarn just in case I have a wonderful idea

This is all reasonable, right? I have one more day to contemplate this idiocy and try to pare it down a bit, or not! You might wonder how I am going to pack all this, since weeks at a cabin might include clothes and food and one bundle of shingles which are going on the outhouse. I have another set of "camp" clothes there so all I have to throw in a bag is 1 set of clean clothes to come home in. We have a small store (one room) which started as a vegetable stand years ago and is 2 km away (1.25miles) and is my walk every other day so no food necessary either. This is good and bad. Bad because I know I have plenty of room to pack anything I want. Oh and I need to put a guitar in too since I'm learning to play. I obviously won't have a spare moment. Can't wait.

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