Friday 26 August 2016

Neapolitan, 3 colours

I am really enjoying knitting this little sweater. The colours are so pretty together. I'm going to call it Neapolitan. I'm knitting it in between painting my cabin and caulking to keep out the demon "water". The bain of camp buildings.

The pattern is two different stripes and 3 colours. This combo gives it a lot of interest and is fun to knit.
Even these sleeves are fun. The trick appears to be to have something to concentrate on while knitting the sleeves. The pattern for this sweater changes from the body worked flat to the sleeves worked “in the round”. I rewrote it and then had to knit exactly what I wrote to make sure it was correct. All good.
On the second sleeve I gave myself the challenge of not looking at the pattern at all. I had to read my knitting as I went along. It had me stopping and giving it some thought but the sleeve went by in a flash.
I did have to go deck diving twice today. Double pointed needles and decks do not go together. The needle is right there....
This sweater is one of the new baby sweaters I will have kitted up in the Cabin Fever booth at K-W Knitter’s Fair on Sept. 10.
P.S. t_a I totally agree. Not using a cable needle is scary but kinda fun.

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