Friday 23 September 2016

Finished, Yay

Wow, the Neapolitan as an adult sweater? I really like that idea. Would you use the same colours? I think I might like to do 2 colours close on the colour wheel and one colour opposite. I have an idea of a navy/emerald green/gold sweater. Although the soft white/grey/pale pink is so very pretty.

I finished another pair of Stash Buster Socks. They are perfect to knit when trying to do something else at the same time, like watching my daughter's curling game. I knit one sock while watching last weekend and the second sock in the car travelling. When I chose the 3 colours I envisioned a totally different looking sock. I am always surprised at how different they look when they are striped. I expected the blue/green to really stand out more than it did. Always a surprise.
I also just finished sewing in the ends of my Chimney Cowl. It's in lace weight, yes, I said lace weight. That was a lot, lot, lot of knitting. I put the stripes in so I would know I was progressing because it sure didn't seem like it some days. I blocked it twice to get it nice and drapey. I'm hoping to get someone to model it next weekend.
I would like to reknit it in fingering yarn, maybe without the stirpes and slightly shorter. There are short rows in there to make the Front (on the right side of photo) deeper than the Back. I think I would have liked to make it longer so it would go over the shoulders but I ran out of lace mojo!


  1. you must be a really fast knitter to work all those teeny weeny stitches

  2. I was wondering why it looked so lopsided!! You really must model it & show us a photo!!!!
    I spun roving specially dyed in blues, reds, purples & pinks for me so I could knit a cowly thing called 'Reds, Rounds & Ridges' out of Interweave Knits that really turned me on. It's also funnel shaped & comes down over the shoulders. I must get it knitted since they're really coming into style!!


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