Friday 12 May 2017


I knew I had a couple of days of sniffling and snuffling beside the kleenex box so I thought this is the perfect couple of days to knit sleeves. That smacks of the same attitude as "I'm in a bad mood so I might as well do some housework". But that's really not the case, although sleeves need to be done and are not the most interesting parts of the sweater. So I thought I would grab my 40cm (16") circular needle and get started. I would grab my circ and ...
Where is it? It should be right here. It's not as if I don't have a lot of needles.
There should have been at least three 4.0mm (US6) circular needles in the exact length I needed. But NOOOO. I searched in my shawl project bag, where the short circ shouldn't have been anyway but .. no needle. I checked the sweater project bag where I last used the needle for sleeves, no luck. I went through a couple of the discarded project bags and found a 4.0mm needle but too long. Now I'm stumped. There is no way that I have that many circular needles and don't have a 40cm (16") circ.

I finally found the correct combo in my interchangeable set and proceeded with a day in my pj's and a movie binge between naps.
But where the h*## are those needles?! Do you have them?


  1. I don't bother with special 'short' needles just for sleeves. I use two circs in the same method as I do for socks. Sure saves on having all those extra cords or special lengths just for sleeves. Didn't EZ say that 24" circs were all you needed???

  2. I used the short circ for the sleeves and used 2 circ's to knit my cuffs. It does work really well. You and EZ are right, 24" circs are the best.

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