Friday 28 July 2017

Knitting by the Compass

I've started knitting a baby sweater. They are so much fun, so small and sooo quick. Just started yesterday and have quite a nice bit done already. It's worked so far in Cherry Cotton Tweed so will be bright and cheerful.

This one is worked in 4 directions of the compass.

It starts with the neckband. Then the right shoulder saddle goes West and here I'm just starting the left shoulder saddle (East), leaving the remaining stitches on hold at the neckband.
Lots of garter stitch and counting of ridges which is great for TV knitting in the evening.

Then on to the Back (North) and then the Front (South). Travelling in my armchair!!
Couldn't be easier. Almost ready for a colour change.
Stay tuned,


  1. Have made this pattern several times and really enjoy the fun. Opens itself easily to personalized changes.

  2. Looks like lots of fun - I wish I had small children to knit for!!! I may have to do some charity knitting again.

    And, I really like your Lightening Sweater in the last post too!!


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