Saturday 29 December 2007

Gift For Me

Do you love this week or what. It's like no man's land, the week between Christmas and New Years. Some are working but not everybody so it's iffy if you're going to get much done that involves others. So you do a little bit or none at all. I did a little bit yesterday and that felt good so today I'm taking another break.

I am sitting here at 2pm in my housecoat and I'm loving it. I've had 3 cups of coffee and breakfast with dessert (still lots of goodies around). And I might contemplate lunch soon. Aaannd I knit myself a present. New Mittens. My pattern (earlier blog) seems to work out fine (my daughter got those). I should try it in some other weight of yarn too but these are for me. I am tickled red to have a new pair of mittens. I am a walker and these curl around my fingers, the thumb is nice and roomy and I made them to my exact hand measurements. Lovely.

Tonight we are partying with friends and I have a second sock to knit. There will be lots of good food and plenty of music being played and after a quiet day or two of reading I'm ready to head out.

Hope you are enjoying this time. The new year is closing in fast.



  1. I was asked the other day why I knit mittens, which I prefer to wear. Because you are a walker, and I am a dog walker, mittens are the perfect choice! My hands never get cold in mittens, but my fingers freeze in gloves. I'm wondering how your mitten pattern would felt, if I made it larger. :O) I'd vowed not to knit more mittens this winter, and to finish the last Newfoundland mitten this weekend. But darn it, I think I'm gonna have to give these a try. (the reason I knit most things!) Happy warm hands to you in 2008!

  2. Deb, I am also enjoying my holiday time off. Happy New Year and I will see you next year. BBD


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