Wednesday 4 June 2008


It's alive!! Or live rather!

I've been working with Julia Grunau for a while now getting our patterns ready on her new site Julia, who was our very first EVER sales rep and therefore holds a special spot in our hearts, wanted to have a job somewhat closer to home, and her kids, and came up with the concept of a web site dedicated to downloadable knitting patterns.
Yes, for those of you who cruise the web at 3:00am looking at knitting patterns ... this site is for you! Total instant gratification. No more looking at patterns with lust in your heart and frustration at your finger tips! You can instantly download any or all of the patterns on Julia's site. For a modest fee of course.

For those customers of ours that ask us to send the pattern but please, please, please, could we fax out a copy RIGHT NOW so they can get started?? This site is for you!

For those customers of ours in Japan, Austrialia, New Zealand, England, France, Hong Kong and other far away places, no more waiting weeks and weeks for the pattern to arrive in the (snail) mail.

I think Julia secretly wants to have the of knitting pattern sites ... world domination! She's an ambitious girl!
Clearly there will be patterns from various manufacturers but she's very keen on having lots and lots of independent designers. If you've written some patterns you might want to get in touch with her to see about having your patterns on her site. Julia is also very interested in bringing together knitting patterns from all over the world, patterns from Bolivia and Ethiopia and South America and, and, and ... well, the world is a big place! So, go have a look, do a little shopping ... let me know what you think. Happily a web site is always a "work in progress" so we're all interested in feed-back and suggestions.
Happy shopping!



  1. I am going to check this out!!!

  2. Oh my! Have you been reading my mind??? I've often wished you could fax out the patterns . . .


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