Monday 16 June 2008

What is she doing?

I have new neighbours and today they got the special treat of watching me try to photograph my own feet. It's harder than it would appear. I have finished a second pair of my Queen's Castle socks in Shelridge Farms Ultra Soft Touch fingering wool ( It's a real pleasure to knit with.
Oops, sort of missed my toes there. But you can see the lace holes a little bit here.
A close up of the star toes. These are knit toe-up and I really like this toe. These socks are a tiny bit too big for me. I usually knit myself a sock with a 7" circumference but these are the regulation 8 inches around.
The 'official pattern photo'. OK have you figured out how I took this one? Yes, I got my husband to do it. I don't bend like that anymore if I ever did. Oh ouch those stones are sharp. Modelling can be painful.
The pattern will be ready this week so if you want to knit a pair order it by name, Queen's Castle Socks, on the website or email Lynda at and ask for it. And when all the patterns are up on the website I'll put their photos up and we'll have an unveiling.
- Deb
P.S. Thanks Samm for your comment and a good idea to put the explanation for non-symmetry in bold because I know people don't read the small print (see last post).


  1. Lovely feet. Lovely socks.

  2. I think bold lettering in neon orange might do it! :O) The socks are great! Are they doable for an average sock knitter like me!? samm


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