Friday 14 November 2008


The hat booklet is in it's infancy. I am doing some easy hats to get the ball rolling. I finished a standard pillbox hat in worsted.Then I started a watch cap in K1,P1 rib in handpainted sock wool. I had to abandon this one on the trip because it was too hard to keep up the rib without looking while standing and talking to knitters.

So I started a 2/2 rib watchcap instead. Again in sock wool.

Lots and lots of knitting in the fine wool but you can roll it up and stick it in your pocket easily and they are wonderfully light on the head.



  1. When will the hat book be available?

  2. I LOVE your cute little box hat!!!! When will the new hat book be available.... I can't wait to start some new hats for my four-year old grandaughter!!!


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