Thursday 20 November 2008


To Elizabeth, Valerie and anonymous from the comments, this hat booklet is a long, long journey. Please don't be holding your breath waiting for a immediate release of these hat patterns. I don't want to be responsible for black outs from lack of oxygen. The last booklet "Baby V" was done in 4 months and the one thing I learned was that 4 months is not enough time. So this booklet, which started last month, will be available in April, no sooner. I'm afraid you will be in for lots of pics of hats in the coming months.

Here's another one.
(Colour is off here. Imagine it in yellow and cinnamon colours.)I have given all the hat instructions to the designers and am now endeavouring to fill in some holes. The first of which will be the Beginner hats. You can bet none of the designers are going to give me one of those. I thought we should have some watch caps, nice toques to wear with a folded up brim for extra warmth. This is a standard 1/1 rib in handpainted sock wool. I thought I would divide the crown into 4 sections but I found it difficult to write at the beginner level using double decreases. So that got frogged.
Now it has a crown with 8 sections using SSK decreases. Nice and straight forward and easy to work.

With a nice swirl at the top.

I have set up my 'hat work' for the weekend with a movie or two and an audio book at the ready. The premise of the booklet will become apparent as I knit more hats. Stay tuned.



  1. I look forward to April! The pink and white hat is adorable! I love the swirled crown! We woke up to snow this morning (a great day to stay in the warm house and knit!). I think I'll get some major housework done first and spend the weekend starting another hat from your "Kids Knitted Hats" booklet. Happy Thanksgiving To All.

    From Pennsylvania

  2. Love the Swirl......


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