Saturday 3 October 2009


Hi guys,
Yes, wasn't that cake amazing. The decorations were made from marzipan. And it was as delicious as it looked. Also another catch up from the last post, I made my moebius neckwarmer in a strip and then folded it and kitchener stitched it together. I could have used Cat Bordhi's cast on, which everyone else in the class was using, but I wanted to be sure to get the exact size I needed and wasn't confident I could do that. You can check out moebius instructions on the internet and give it a try. And just to show you how silly women (me, that is) can get when a camera is being snapped all around for a couple of days. I present the ninja knitter:
Fun with your knitting. Ha, ha.
And now to more serious business.
My Swing Coat ( is past the great divide now. I took a couple of audio books out of the library with the idea of getting the body done this weekend. That may be optimistic but I'm working towards that goal. I'm sure I read somewhere that mature people have goals. I realize that my maturity level may be somewhat suspect now so I'm trying to recover some ground here. Is it working?


  1. Maturity, Deb Why!!!!!! Enjoy your Youth!!!

  2. Mature people have goals? Huh. I would rather join you in immaturity, having fun all the way!! samm

  3. What Momma Bear said!!!



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