Monday 28 September 2009


I am not a photographer. In fact it takes some effort to remember to take pictures at all. And I failed again to take pictures for the blog of the Kawartha Needles and Hooks Knitting Guild on Thursday. There is no photographic evidence so you'll just have to believe me that it was fun and, I hope, interesting for them. We looked at starting hats from the top (crown) and tried 2 different ways of beginning, one knitting and one with a crochet hook. This is a great way to knit a hat if you are in a swatch-free zone. And sometimes you just need to spend some time there, at least I do.

I have discovered, on reflection, that if I am speaking or doing a workshop I do not think of pulling out my camera. Other things on my mind, obviously. If I am participating I can think of the blog and photographs.

Friday I went to Sudbury to be a participant in the Sticks, String and Stewardship knitting retreat. It's based on spirituality and charity knitting. Guest speaker Gailand MacQueen spoke on how needlework reflects your life. He has written a book on labyrinths and mazes so later we walked the labyrinth in Sudbury at sunset with candles, a cool thing to do. They collected quite a bit of yarn to be knit up for various charities and several blankets, in the middle of the table, for the Blanket Linus project.
And we did some knitting.I picked the Moebius Scarf class and knit a small neck warmer for myself. I understand that winter is coming, again!Here it is on a vase, since I couldn't take a photo of it on my neck. It is so dark inside, raining like crazy today.Terry-Lynne brought a sock knitting machine, circa 194..., which she was given and has working really well, it's amazing.(It's painted red inside.) She can churn out tube socks with ribbed tops. The heel seems to be the sticking point. It's the same for hand knitters and the sock knitting machine - that blasted heel! And speaking of amazing things you can learn about, we started the weekend with the cutting of Sharon's knitting cake.AMAZING and delicious too!



  1. Are those cake decorations edible?

  2. I love the cowl! Is that a pattern I can find somewhere? It looks cosy, and tighter around the throat than some, but not strangling either. The cake is so sweet. What talent to make all those little knitting decorations! samm


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