Friday 26 November 2010

I was signed up to teach a class this weekend on Top Down Designing for the Faint of Heart. But unfortunately it's not running due to lack of students. So . . . I thought I might go ahead and do a many paged pattern or a small booklet on the same subject. Because I think it could be a lot of fun. I might will do a KAL-DIY (design it yourself) once I have it all done. How does after Christmas sound? We might all have more time to play around with our knitting by then.

My idea is to do a NO-SEW Top Down blank canvas sweater with all the numbers worked out so that we could have some fun jazzing it up. And because little tiny sweaters are so much faster to knit up and also rip back on to try again, that's the sizes I'm writing up. Here's the first blank canvas cardigan, size 6 months.
Can you imagine it with cables, a favourite knit/purl pattern, some lace (wouldn't that be nice), a collar or a wide decorated buttonband? I'll let you think about it while I get my calculator warmed up.

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