Monday 28 March 2011

I think it does take some time to be comfortable taking a step away from the pattern. But it is fun when it works out.
I got one more sweater done despite the barking and sneezing of a cold. Don't you hate a spring cold? Yuck. But I must say that knitting a little sweater in chunky weight yarn sure goes quickly even with a fuzzy head.

On Wednesday we're doing a group button sew. Sure is nice to have the company. We're going to have a huge pile of sweaters when we're done. I have a couple more to do before then. I'll be busy knitting tomorrow.


  1. Can't wait to see all the little sweaters. When will the book be out? I'd love to knit one.

  2. Be careful with that cold, Deb. I had one that escalated into an upper respiratory infection. Have been on drugs for over a week now and am only starting to feel better.


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