Monday 7 March 2011

One more sweater done. We have quite a collection now. They all need buttons so a big button sewing day is in order. I'm trying my best to do some boy's sweaters. Some knitters don't have any girls to knit for and find that books mainly feature styles for girls. Boys' sweaters can be fun to do too. This one was a nice knit in Perfection by Kraemer. Although I really wish we could extend the colour range available for boys. It's still very restricted mostly, from the comments I hear, because of the baby's dad. Loosen up guys!

I have sent the first section of the book, the Basic Cardigan, to our pattern checker. That means that I'm pretty happy with it. Yay. In a couple of days the second section which deals with patterned borders is going too. This brown sweater is in the Border section. We have several sweaters knit for this section already. The last section is working with panels of pattern. Bernice and I have come up with a list of patterns we like. Now we're working on combinations and Bernice has knit some up. But I haven't seen them yet because she's keeping them a secret until tomorrow. It's time to stop writing and try some combinations myself.

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