Tuesday 17 May 2011

I'm back to multiplicity again and loving it.
I'm done the body of the Top Down 3-Button Jacket and about to tackle the sleeves. It seems like it's flown by and now is almost done, except for those pesky buttons that have to be sew on. I can only blame myself since the pattern had 3 buttons on it (obviously) and I wanted it to button to the bottom. But once you have the sewing needle and thread out, what's a couple more. It's getting it out in the first place that's the problem.

You know you've been working on one project too long when you're looking forward to knitting a second sock. This is the second waffle patterned sock out of the Need A Sock book. I still really like working this pattern stitch but it's a problem with the Portuguese method of knitting, all those double pointed needles seem to be in the wrong place. I feel like a beginner again and tend to quickly switch to my best knitting method, continental knitting.

And just to fill up my knitting bag because there was still a tiny bit of room in it, I've started the Liesl pattern by Ysolda. I'm experimenting with doubling up the Cotton Tweed in Just Navy. Two strands worked together become a chunky weight yarn worked on a 6.5mm. This is a nice pattern to try it out on.

I've worked out how to make the YO in the Portugese Style of knitting. It's working out really well. The little thingy the yarn goes through on your chest (see last post) just needs to be a hook of some sort. So I took a large hook & eye fastener I had for a coat and pined the hook side to my shirt. It's not particularly pretty but it works.

Tonight I have all these projects to choose from. I'm happy, happy, happy.

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