Friday 13 May 2011

Just back from the chiropractor, you know what's coming right? Yes, I'm supposed to rest my arm, HA, HA, HA, like that's going to happen. Apparently my iron grip on the needles is causing me problems. Then I remembered a conversation with a victim of carpel tunnel who couldn't knit for a year. She said she now knits in two different styles, continental on the knit side and english throwing style on the purl side. The change of action is helping her continue knitting. On my walk back home I thought I could benefit from this advice. I would just change how I knit, easy.

Now for something completely different. Look at me, I'm knitting Portuguese style. It's working and it's lots of fun.
I'm not knitting so fast it's blurring the photo! My husband took this. In this style the tension is not maintained by my hand so my grip on the needles is looser. So far, so good. I learned by watching this video. It didn't take long at all. Wouldn't you count this as sort of resting? It works for me.


  1. Oh Dear. A knitting injury! When a knitter needs workers comp is it called knitters comp?

  2. Great solution. I have occasional neck/shoulder strain from knitting. Too common, unfortunately.

  3. It is a horrible thing to be a knitter and experience hand pain. I hope it will abate soon. versatile...I admire those who can knit in other methods and feel comfy doing so.

  4. Well, they say a change is as good as a rest so you're obviously doing the right thing! I do the same - knit in Continental and purl in either Portugese or English - at least in things were tension isn't absolutely crucial. I'm getting as fast or faster in Continental as I am in English (which is the way I learnt) and it only took me a few days. I also switch to spinning as well to give me a break. And if worse comes to worse I have finger, thumb and hand braces. One of the hand braces Is one that you're supposed to wear while sleeping at night and therefore doesn't interfere with knitting - yeah!

  5. Good solution, I use it sometimes too. After 10 years of trying to get comfortable knitting Continental I finally admitted to myself that I will NEVER be comfortable purling that way, so I'll help out my hand cramps with your solution. And where did you get the thingamabob to guide your yarn, what it is?


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