Tuesday 16 August 2011

Back from my holiday at the cabin.
What did I do on my summer vacation? I didn't knit!! Can you believe it? I know for many that is the time you knit but for me, when knitting is my job, it was great to have a good break.
We drove 800 km across the top of Lake Superior to go to a folk festival in Red Rock, ON, near ThunderBay.
It was fantastic. Wonderful hot weather and great music.
My husband, daughter and I, built a deck.
We entertained lots of friends who were passing through. And I read 8 books. Yay. A good time was had by all.
Now it's back to work.


  1. You built a deck??? I am so impressed. I can hang a picture, and maybe curtain rods, and that's more than my hubby (with his fancy Ph.D.) can do.

  2. Look at you with hammer and nail going at it..you go girl!!!
    teresa_a writes:
    Absolutely gorgeous scenery at the lake.
    I understand perfectly about the hyatis from knitting. Being a professional musician and teacher I get worn out on vacations where people invite me to bring my instrument along. Ends up as work rather than relaxation!
    But..it's good to have ya back!!!!!

  3. Lovely holiday pictures, Deb. Any good book suggestions?


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