Thursday 13 October 2011

Don't you love this moment? The moment when you're garment actually looks like a sweater.
Even to a non-knitter it's apparent what it's going to be which is not the case in the early stages of knitting. To me it always looks like the finished garment right from the start. It's as if the whole garment is there in outline and as I knit I'm filling it in. But for the non-knitters it's a complete mystery. Maybe that's why we're a little difficult to understand, doing this knitting thing with such enthusiasm.


  1. Looks great. On the home stretch, are you?

  2. Fun, I also see using two colors.

  3. Deb, This is a very interesting knit and I'd love to see it. Can you bring it to Knitfest on Oct 29?

  4. I love your comment about seeing the outlines and "filling it in". That's exactly how I think.
    My chamber music colleague, the retired math professor, is intrigued by the 3-dimensional aspect of designing and remarked recently that I must have been good at math. Ha! Little did he know how I struggled!


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