Friday 7 October 2011

When I've been away I come home and have to clean something. Is this some sort of nesting thing? My mom will be laughing because I'm a dreadful housekeeper and unless I go away I do almost nothing all the rest of the time. I tackled the junk drawer, actually 2 junk drawers because I was looking for pantyhose. I don't wear them but I keep several packages around for this time of year. I cover the furnace vents with the cut-off legs because it keeps the mice out of the house in the fall. I live in a very old house with a crawlspace underneath and this really, really works. In the first junk drawer was what I would expect: shoe laces, take-out menus, warranty pages, fuses, birthday candles, etc. The second drawer was the surprise. I took out 12 handfuls of used twist ties. Not those neat rows of twist ties that come in the garbage bag package, they were there too. These are all used, 12 handfuls. I'm not sure what rainy day would require this many twist ties but we are prepared!!

I'm working on my square neck cardigan. I'm doing a size for myself first to see if it's going to work.

So far I'm liking it.
I want to see how it blocks out on the back and if I like how it looks. I have another plan if it doesn't work like I hope it does. I'm get some more knit tonight. I need the sleeves done to really see it.


  1. OCD runs in the rest of my family but I managed to escape it- therefore, my house is lived in too... After working 50+ hours every week house work is the last thing I want to do... so I knit to relax and build up the energy to not house clean... someday when I'm retired until then....
    I'm really liking the square neckline. I notice this sweater is blue, like your cardie- good colour!!

  2. I'm intrigued by the pantyhose trick! How do you keep them on the vents? Don't the mice just nibble through?

  3. LOL at your anti-mouse method. Fortunately I haven't had a mouse in our current house since moving in in 2006. that' my kind of house.


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