Friday 6 January 2012

Waist Shaping

Dpn lovers seem to rule in the comments from the last post. Who knew!

I've been working on shaping my Take It From The Top .
I thought this pullover was a little big across the top so I took it in under the bust. I worked a decrease before and a decrease after the two imaginary side seams, work straight for 1" and did it again. Then I worked straight to the waist. At the waist I worked a set of increases at the imaginary side seams. I have boxy hips so I worked another set 1" further down so that I get a flare right away. I worked 2" straight, worked another set of increases. I need to try it on once more to see if I need a 4th set. Probably depends on how long I want to make it.
The shaping looks fairly subtle from the side but it seems effective.
I think I'm there and I'm going to make it the same length as this T-shirt. Yay, only a couple more inches to go.
Have you experimented with shaping that's not in the pattern? How did it go?


  1. I'm ALWAYS experimenting! In the shaping dept., I'm happy to report that Isabel, who is knitting a top down pattern from Twist Collective as her very first sweater, has just done her own shaping adjustments (sans help from me) and the result is a sweater body that fits her like a glove. She's a math whiz and seems born to knit--I wonder how that happened... Anyway, she's just embarked on the sleeves--on dpns.

  2. The only thing I've attempted shaping without a pattern is a sock. I have square feet, so less of an angle on the toe works better for me. I like what you're doing with the sweater - the cable down the front is lovely.


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