Monday 2 January 2012

UFO's: Own Up

It's the new year and time to stop, have a look around at all the piles of knitting I've been moving around for the last few month and own up to a few of my UFO's. Time to come clean.
My redo of the Take It From The Top with a cable pattern down the front. I'm doing this as a KAL so thought I'd knit a new one for myself. I also did some shaping and learned a couple of things but that's for another post. Back to the UFO's.

My Braids cardigan is coming along but keeps getting bumped back in the queue. Must move it up. I could be wearing this since as I look out the window, it's snowing.

Knit but not written up. Or sort of written up but not checked and double-checked. So close to being finished but not quite there.
Plus sized version of above without buttons. I've had a think about this one and it needs some patterning on it and to be in a lighter gauge. Now a recalculation of stitche numbers and a reknit are needed. But I like the shape of the neck.

Oh my, the list is getting long. I'm stopping here since I can't face anymore. But I do have 2 more sweaters started and I don't even want to think about all those second socks. . .
Note to self: finish something!! Hope your list is shorter.


  1. Since socks come in pairs like feet, I cast them on together. That way there's no SSS. Just a suggestion. And get that lighter gauge Plus Size cardi done soon, I'm waiting . . . .

  2. I just love the colour of your braids cardigan. What yarn is it?

  3. Waiting, waiting, waiting for the Plus Size....already raided my stash for some marvelous yarn that called my name, just waiting for a project to use it on. Winter doesn't last long in SC :)


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