Wednesday 14 March 2012

Thanks for all the tips on getting through lots of knitting. I'll try them all and a couple more I've thought of. I am getting lots done.
This is a 57" cardi and it was really enjoyable to knit. If fact I was sort of sorry to see the end of the Body. Now for the sleeves. I'll probably cast on another Body in a day or two, something in a summery colour since it seems Spring has arrived, at least for this week it has.
And just to mix it up I cast on another sock. Those small needles make anything else I knit appear to zoom along.


  1. It looks as though you have lots of stitches on hold for the underarms. I can't wait to see how this fits.

  2. I really like the cardigan & I'd love to see it on a person when it's done.

    It smells like spring this week - even in Sudbury. And when we got back to Ottawa just about all the snow was gone. I'm knitting in a lovely springy green at the moment to celebrate.


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