Monday 23 July 2012

Liz  pointed out what I consider one of the fun things about looking for lace patterns for top down garments - you have to turn the Stitch Dictionary upside down! When you knit starting at the top, the lace pattern will be upside down when the garment is worn.
As I'm knitting the lace looks like this.

When worn, it will look like this. A subtle change but one you have to take into consideration.

In the top photo I seem to see the pattern the holes make and in the bottom photo the line of the stitches is more prominent. How about you, what do you see?

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  1. Deb, don;t you also have to reverse the knits and the purls? And what about the yo's? It would be great if you blogged on this since there are NO books or tutorials on adding a lace or cable to a top down...except for 1 short snippet from an EZ article.
    Any books you can recommend for adding a lace or cable motif to a top down garment?


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