Wednesday 4 July 2012

Julie from the Knittingatlarge ravelry group  has published a vest pattern just for plus-sized women (48" - 64" finished). Carnation Vest 
I have been reading her blog for quite some time and owe her, and the women who participate on her site, a lot for all help I have received about knitting for the plus-sized woman.
She said she could design a sweater a day in her head so I hope we'll see some more.


  1. Deb! I like Julie's work as well, but what I REALLY like is the top down, no seam! WHEN WHEN WHEN (when?) will your plus size book be ready? I'm not starting anything new until I get it! I fell in LOVELOVELOVE with your patterns 10 years ago when I re-started knitting for my first grandbaby, and I literally WORE OUT that book (but I bought ANOTHER one - SAME book) HURRY!

  2. Thanks for the props, Deb! And most of all, thanks for all the help both to me personally and the plus-size knitting community as well.


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