Monday 21 January 2013

Are there shawl people and scarf people? I must admit, to date, I am not a scarf person. But I do wear shawls. I love to knit scarves and I have several but never think to put them on. I also don't wear jewelry. Is there a connection between jewelry wearing and scarf wearing?

Here's my Judy wearing the crescent scarf.

What do you think? I'm thinking it's still a little too wide for a scarf, especially at the shoulder when it's flung over. Also went a little overboard on the length. Wanted to add 3 more points for length and realized that 3 wasn't going to work so went to 4 extra points and could have done with only 2 extra points. Am I getting closer?


  1. I like the length of this, Deb. I wear jewellry, and I love to wear a scarf/shawl. I don't know if it correlates, as I also love hanging out in my jammies in an oversize sweater.

  2. I do think jewelery and scarf wearing are related. The leng the also looks good to me but think you are right. It is a bit wide.

  3. Oh, I REALLY love this! I'm a scarf person much more than a shawl person, and the only jewellery I regularly wear is earrings. What yarn is that? It has a lovely soft look to it.

  4. Long enough to wrap & throw across a shoulder & pin. Can still wear it with the ends in back to fill up the front of a coat. Good look for a lot of folks although the shorter width one may end up being more popular as a scarf. You have variations enough to please everyone!

  5. Hi Deb. Like the look of this scarf. I'd also like it if it were longer so it could be wrapped several times - as many Europeans and Scandinavians do. When can we expect a pattern?



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