Monday 7 January 2013

It's 2013. So let's begin with a new shawl pattern.
It's done with 2 shades of the same colour of fingering yarn. Lyn put 2 different yarns in the same dye bath and each yarn took up the dye differently. One is darker than the other.
Which gives it a striped affect.
When using 2 colours you have to twist the yarns somewhere when changing colours. The usual place is at one edge. Since this shawl begins at the centre of the top edge I thought that carrying the yarn down one side might lead to that edge being tighter or looser. So I changed colours down the centre, twisting the yarns on the wrong side. 
This is the wrong side view. It worked really well.


  1. So beautiful! And you are so clever, especially about the yarn twisting thing.

  2. I use a lot of hand dyed yarns which vary in the way you describe, but I'd never considered changing yarns in the centre like that. Ingenious! I must try it for myself ☺

  3. Beautiful pattern.


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