Thursday 14 March 2013

Junebug859 has added cables to the back of her mittlet. Nice, tight cables make a distinct pattern. They look great.

How about adding some bling?  Barb added beads to the Little Poncho pattern.
"Here’s the poncho with my sweet granddaughter Clara wearing it. I used the Czech glass beads interspersed in the broad band at the bottom." Barb.  [Doesn't Clara look happy? Ed.note]
Adding Beads. There's an idea!
Add Beads wherever you want:  Knit the stitch where you want to place the bead. Pinch the knit stitch off the Right needle, insert crochet hook into the hole of the bead and pull the knit stitch through the hole. Place the beaded knit stitch back onto the Right needle.

Are ponchos on their way back?


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