Sunday 17 March 2013

Spring is in the air, even though yesterday it snowed a ton and we're back to below freezing weather. Never the less, I'm quite sure it will arrive sometime soon. So I'm knitting myself a spring sweater based on the Summer-time Top from the Button Up Your Top Down book (striped top in centre row).

It begins at the top with a square neck and 3 colours. It has a picked up buttonband so I can put lots of small buttons on it. I'm going to make the sleeves narrower and 3/4 length. I want to put in some body shaping and am leaning towards A-line shaping and a longer length. Then it could be worn as a cardigan or as a buttoned up tunic over capris or summer pants. Then I'll write it up as a pattern. Let's Begin.
I thought I would write this pattern up into the larger Plus sizes. It could easily be knit in one colour but I must say, the stripes are fun to knit. Are stripes a fashtion no, no? Do you wear them?


  1. I feel so strongly that stripes should be a fashion yes-yes that I wrote a post on the topic last year. I hope some knitters take your advice and knit the stripes. The post is here:

  2. I like the look of stripes, but rarely wear them. The striped sweater I do have has graduated (?) stripes.

  3. I wear stripes if they are vertical not horizontal :)

  4. If I like the colors, I'll wear stripes! But, consider my shape - a large apple on chopsticks - It would be kinder to knit stripes with a dip in front & back or leave them on the yoke, sleeves & pockets unless they're vertical.


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