Monday 1 April 2013

I'm doing a class at the Spring MidWest Masters retreat based on the Need A Plus Cardigan? book so I borrowed the cover cardigan back from Christine to take with me.
And I'm so excited, it's BEEN WORN and not just once either but several times. I couldn't be more pleased. There is nothing worse that seeing something you knit for someone sitting in pristine condition because it's too good to wear! This sweater is no longer in pristine condition. Yay!

I started one for myself several months ago and put it aside but have picked it up again and although it's getting late, I might still get some wear out of it this spring (since it's not quite here yet). I'm going to use it to indicate the body shaping that can be done. The markers are in the waist decreases and now I'm starting the hip increases. The markers make it seem like it's going quicker.


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