Friday 17 May 2013

Finished the bag. I really found working the slip stitch pattern a breeze. Worked most of it in the car. And working with only one colour every 2 rounds makes the knitting very easy. A good colour burst with no complications.
This stitch can also accommodate really bright colours. I'm very happy with the orange which can sometimes overwhelm a garment. This bag can take it!
The handle is worked by picking up stitches from the cast on edge at the top. It's worked like a large buttonhole, cast off stitches in one round and cast on more stitches on the next round. Then work for 1" and Cast Off. The Cast off is going to keep it from stretching because as we all know, a tight cast off will not move at all. One more garment, can we call them garments(?), finished for the Accessory Book. Now to finish the matching mittens.

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