Thursday 23 May 2013

I'm working away on my square necked pullover. It's an interesting exercise. I'm playing with changing the rate of increase on the different sections of the pullover to get the look I want. I increased on the sleeve sections at a slower rate than the Front and Back. This changes the raglan line slightly, flattens it out, away from a 45 degree angle.

I then stopped increasing on the sleeves altogether which is working. I was going to make up the full number of sleeve & body stitches by working increases every round at the bottom of the sleeve but this is the part that's not working very well. The increases worked every round are not happy. I also changed the rate of increase on the Body and that must be redone also. Too many changes at once I think.

I'm liking the neck though and the general look. I'm going to tackle the neckband on this sample and then cast on and begin again with a new approach to the increases. The fun continues.
-Deb (just a tiny bit frustrated)

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  1. I love the look so far. I am so glad you do this homework for us - then we can just knit. Thanks.


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