Friday 7 June 2013

I'm adding bust darts in the form of increases between the underarm and the largest part of the bust. These stitches are going to add 3" of extra fabric across the Front only. You can see that the sleeve stitches have been put on spare yarn at the Great Divide.
 It all starts with one stitch increased right beside the underarm cast on stitches at the side of the Front. Two navy markers are set on either side of the cast on stitches. The light green Marker is the Bust Marker. The bust increases will be worked next to the Bust Marker so that the number of stitches between the navy and light green Markers will equal 1 1/2".
I'm working down the sweater and have added 5 sts so far on each side of the Front (5 sts between the navy Side Marker and the light green Bust Marker).
You'll see that I'm working the underarm cast on stitches in a rib pattern. These stitches will do some of the fitting for me. These rib stitches will expand a little at the bust and come back in for the waist. I'll have to decide if I want to work more waist shaping or not. A few more bust increases and that will be done. Then I can cruise along, working the Panels and the ribbed side stitches. Still lots to interest me as I work down the Body.

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  1. Diary of a Sweater.
    This thread is so interesting as I read and watch you blog about how it is coming together.
    I marvel at your talent,Deb.


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