Monday 10 June 2013

Lyn and I spent the weekend at camp (a cottage, to southern folks) working on the Accessory Book. It's amazing how much work needs to be done at the end. We were trying to be adjust words to be consistent with the instructions. We added in some black & white photos. Today we moved pages around so you won't have to flip pages to find the stitch patterns when you want them. Also we check and recheck that all the information you need is there where you need it. I think we are very close to being ready to let it go. One more edit on Thursday and then it goes to the printer so they can do the proofs. Still several weeks away from publication.
Some last minute knits had to be done. Lyn knit a cowl on the drive up and I knit another mitten on the way back home. We'll need new photos of them.

I did have a bit of time to knit on my sweater.
I'm ready to do the waist shaping now. It's really comfortable to wear even as it is. Can't wait to get a little more done. That's Lake Huron in the background.


  1. I had to chuckle at the matter- of- fact way you said " Lyn knit a cowl on the drive up and I knit another mitten on the way back home."
    Just like that!!!!! You 2 gals rock!!!!

  2. Deb, just had a chuckle. My tired eyes saw that you had grown a braid of hair behind your right ear. Then I blinked and realized it's a tree branch! Congrats on the new book and a warm hello to you and Lynda.



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