Tuesday 22 October 2013

Sweater Surgery

Do you have an old favourite that you're just not willing to part with even though it's showing some wear? My  Lakeside Raglan from the Button Up Your Top Down book (blue cardigan in the centre) is that cardigan for me. I've worn it very steadily for 6 years and now the collar needs some tightening up.
Scissors to the rescue.

Ta, da. 
New tighter collar. OK, you might have noticed that the collar is a different looking colour. Dye lots change a lot in 6 years and washing and wearing might have something to do with it. But my old fav is back and now that I'm on a roll, I think it could probably use some new cuffs. Where are those scissors?!


  1. Ha! it looks like you just made it!
    Looking at those scissors I am cringing!
    You are daring, Deb!

  2. LOL here. Another 6 years of seeing you in that same sweater? Oh no!


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