Monday 4 November 2013

Can't put it down

Do you have projects that you love knitting so much you just can't stop? I'm knitting one now, the Panel Cardigan out of the Need A Plus Cardigan? book . I like to knit adult-sized sweaters but must admit that some of them are more fun to knit than others, especially near the end. This is going really fast. The Lace Panels are interesting to knit and the stocking stitch in between is a rest and motors along to the next Panel. And this is for MYSELF, Yay.

Here's Lyn in one of the lace cardigans from the book. This is the one I'm reproducing. I really like the collar. I think I'll put a lace edge at the bottom of 3/4 length sleeves.
Mine is in blue.
The pattern is really pretty. 
Have you knit something lately you couldn't put down?

P.S. Brenda (from the comments) A NEW blue cardigan for the next 6 years!
t_a (from comments) The scissors are very, very scary the first time you use them.


  1. Yeah - I know how you feel - I have this 3ply red Kroy sock yarn that's just so plain. So, I started a pair of Arrowhead Lace socks. I really like your blue Panel Cardi - funny, I never really looked at that one before.

  2. Lovely green sweater, wondering what size this might be. doesn't look like a plus size - has it been modified? enjoying your blog v. much.

  3. Lynda looks great in the green sweater. Gotta hear more from you, Lyn!!!
    Love the blue,Deb!

  4. The sweater looks great on Lynda. You'll have to show us the back too. You're all ready for the snow - has it arrived yet??!! Jed


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