Friday 7 March 2014

I am knitting again, YAY. Sometimes I have to have a bit of a break but it's good to be back. But what to knit? Winter is almost over hopefully (?!) but summer still seems a long way away. So it seems a good time of year to be knitting a top down capelet. Although maybe there isn't a bad time of year for these garments. Especially when I think of how cozy they are. Not a whole sweater but enough to keep the chill off my shoulders and it stays exactly where I put it (that's a reference to shawls which I feel I need to staple to my body).
Lyn and I have put our heads together and come up with a new Cabin Fever wool. It's dyed by Shelridge Yarns (that's Lyn). We're calling it Star Dust. It's worsted weight W4 (my fav) and is just lovely to knit with. This capelet knit up in no time at all. It's from the Need An Accessory? book with the cable pattern. Now I could make mittlets with the same cable pattern. I would look stylish and cozy (or not, ha, ha).

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