Thursday 20 March 2014

Move the Markers to Adjust Sleeves and Body

I'm just writing the custom fit section of the new book Need A Circular Yoke (which should be ready in June). I had an idea for an easy adjustment to get a better fitting sleeve. Thinking out loud here so please wade in with your opinion.

After working the circular yoke, we come to the Great Divide where you put the sleeve stitches on spare yarn to work later and cast on underarm stitches so you can carry on with the Body. You will have placed Markers to delineate the Back, Sleeves and Front for the Divide Round.

Let's say you really wanted a sleeve that is 1" wider than the schematic indicates. You could move your sleeve Markers out at the sides 1/2" on each side to make the sleeve wider when you work the Divide Round.
This makes the Back and Front narrower. Additional width (add 1" on each side of the Front) could be made up on the Front with the Bust Increases to the correct number of Body stitches. The Back would remain narrower.
The new increases in this book give a flater line of Bust Increases which mean you could easily work an extra inch in the bust shaping.
What do you think? Would this work?


  1. How or why is it that they give a flatter line of bust increases?

  2. Hi Brenda! I enjoy your Thursdays are For Knit Group Postings so much over on your blog. Deb has been a gem in that she has designed sweaters(particularly raglans) for us larger busted gals. I NEVER looked good in a raglan until Deb taught me that I could stop the raglan line before I reached the bust width and then add a line of bust increases. Without this I used to end up with the armhole literally down near the waist!!! All that excess material. My arms are average, but the bust is not, as is the case with many large busted ample gals...average crossback,average arms,average neck, but width needed in the front only. bust darts for raglans!
    The Publication "Need a Plus Cardigan" has been such an addition to the Plus Size Top Down Community.
    YAY Deb! You Rock!


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