Tuesday 29 April 2014

Sock knitting weekend

Knitting in groups is so very rewarding. Our group at the Knitting at Lake Lauzon sock knitting weekend in Northern Ontario were helpful to each other, encouraging and just plain fun to be with.
We all know that learning new techniques can be frustrating. Encouragement from other students helps a lot. And look at all the little socks that were knit. Those new to sock knitting worked from the cuff down to the toe in a traditional sock construction. The knitters who had knit socks before worked one from the cuff down with a short row heel and a second sock from the toe up with the same short row heel. I had to throw a curve at them, hee, hee, hee!
There may be some serious sock knitting addicts coming out of this class. Thanks for a lovely weekend.
The project chosen by the group for next year is a hat with I-cord and a steek. Should be very interesting. If you want to join us in Algoma Mills, ON for next year's weekend April 25 & 26, 2015, email me deb.cabinfever@gmail.com and I'll get you on the notification list.
P.S. From the comments: I agree Liz, any distraction helps. Sharon I would be so happy is my sweater looked even a little bit sexy but I'm afraid that is not the case. Something to shoot for though.


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  2. Looks like you had a ball at the Retreat!!! I think it's so much fun to get together to learn something new. That short row heel makes my socks crawl into my shoes as I walk. Wasn't bad enough that I couldn't SEE anymore to pick up the stitches on the flap either!!!! I found a pattern for a nice deep heel with the gussets knitted on either side of the old 'flap' as you go. I turn the heel as usual once the 'flap' & gussets are long enough. I read recently that someone is teaching a class where you knit a tube sock with a toe, steek where you want the heel, pick up the stitches & knit another toe for the heel. Sounds easy but Steek - Eeek! Not ready to cut my knitting unless it's felted . . .


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