Tuesday 22 April 2014


I'm trying to knit my sweaters a little shorter these days. I, along with some of you I'm sure, knit most of my sweaters to the length that will cover parts of myself that I'm not in love with. So this one from the Need A Circular Yoke book (coming out in June) is a tiny bit shorter than usual and has a ShirtTail bottom border. It's worked with short rows and gives a gentle curve to the bottom border.
Fuzzy bathroom mirror shot of sweater in progress. (Only knitters can appreciate this type of photo, at least I hope you will.) Now that I look at it, it's not all that short!
Sleeves next.


  1. I like to disguise that trouble area by wearing things with uneven hemlines,i.e. short in front, longer in back, longer at the sides, or perhaps with splits in the sides. Whatever works...

  2. Got an old pattern from the 80's - I saw you flinch - but it's a 'shirt tail' Henley style sweater. That pattern has about a 4" dip from the side to the centre front & back - more like a dress shirt dip. Nice thing is, you can make the side over the hip a lot shorter so you don't get that tubular tunic look. The tummy or butt is nicely covered without all the extra bulk. I think it looks quite comfy & even a little sexy . . . .


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