Tuesday 15 July 2014

Do Over x 2

I took everyone's advice. Liz suggested that I take a break which I did. Today I made my decision to start again just like Laurie and Sharon recommended. I know it would have been one of those sweaters that sits in my drawer and doesn't get worn often. One of the "when I loose 20 pounds, I'll wear this" kind of sweater.

Now I've started again with a needle two sizes smaller. I'm very happy with the new tighter fabric. I used a different lace pattern this time and am contemplating doing a second Band of Pattern in another lace pattern. I don't have to decide yet. One decision at a time. But I must admit I haven't knit a top on such a small needle before. The 3.25mm (U.S.3) needle seems pretty tiny. Could be a journey.
I'm so into this starting over thing, that I started the purple sweater over too. This one I'm writing up as a "Simple" version leaflet, based on the circular yokes from the new Need A Circular Yoke book. It will still include Bust Shaping which may not entirely qualify under the Simple title but I think it greatly improves the fit.
By the way, the Circular Yoke book went to the printers today, yay, yay, yay, happy dance. They'll have it for 14 days or so, as they print the covers and lots of books for us. I'ts very exciting to be on the eve of a newly published book.
P.S. Brenda, I'll be doing my usual best at modeling these when they're done! Tee, hee.

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  1. I love what you've done with the red . . . . you know, you could simply go up a couple of sizes in the needle on the next band of lace. This is probably a stupid question but my shoulders are broad - I guess the only way to get a split neck, V neck or Henley style front is to Steek it (ouch ouch ouch ouch) or simply leave it open until you get the depth you want & finish as a circular sweater. I look sooooooooo bad in boat, crew, turtle necks. Gotta have it open somehow.


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