Tuesday 8 July 2014

When to rip

Do you have a project you pick up and put down, pick up and put down, again and again, and again?This is mine.
I really like the colour. I like how the top of the circular yoke sits on my shoulders. I do find the fabric a little too drapey for me. I like my clothes to have body. Is this enough reason to rip back? At what point do you make the decide to rip it back or live with how it is?

It's time to take an inventory of everything that bothers me about this project. The armhole is too deep. It should be about an inch shorter.
Might it be just a tad too big? You think?! Oh, oh, time to check my gauge.
There it is. I did keep checking the gauge as I was knitting along, honestly, but denial is a wonderful thing. So friggin' wonderful!!!

So now I have another decision to make.
1. I could rip back to above the Divide Round and check what the yoke stitch numbers are for my size in the gauge I am really knitting at (not what I believed I was knitting to). And continue with instructions for my new gauge.
2. Or I could rip back to the yoke stitch numbers for a smaller size and work the Great Divide again.
Either option 1 or 2 would take care of the armhole depth and the general size.
3. Or do I rip right back and start again with a smaller needle to get the gauge I wanted in the first place which matches the ball band.

All of these options would work. Help! Agonizing decision.


  1. Knitter are so brave. Who else would model an ill-fitting garment with their lower portion less than well dressed. Gotta love knitters. I do like the yoke pattern and fit though.

  2. Laurieof Nepean10 July 2014 at 14:27

    Take it back at least to the yoke. Better yet, start again with the needles you prefer getting the fabric you like. Otherwise, this will always be the "could'a should'a" sweater. That is, the one you find fault with every time you wear it and, eventually, stop wearing it.

  3. Sorry, can't help you with this one. Only you will know. I try to take a time out when I'm in this sort of quandary, then come back later with fresh eyes.

  4. Suck it up & take it back. That armhole is too deep & you'll be uncomfortable every time you wear it. Just adjust for the armhole which isn't too much & reknit.


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