Tuesday 26 August 2014

Magazine Shelf Space

I've taken the step of purchasing the download of a magazine, first time ever. I usually like to buy it as a print version. In my town the knitting magazine I like is not longer available in any store, boo, hoo. Last year I went the subscription route, mailed to my house. It was great to get the magazine but because I'm in Canada I seemed to get the magazine about 3 weeks late. I've seen photos and read about the magazine on the internet for several weeks before I receive it. I missed the excitement of seeing it for the first time in my hands. Now I have the downloaded version, the excitement of looking at it for the first time is back.

My pile of old magazines is getting very high. I used to browse through them all once a year. I found that an article or pattern that I passed over last year would be more relevant now and worth the time to read it through. An overlooked technique might inspire a new idea for a pattern. But now the pile has become so overwhelming that I'm finding I don't do this any more. How can I justify the shelf space? Maybe I could randomly pull an old magazine out once a week and take a look at it. Is it possible that a plan is emerging?

How do you justify shelf space for your old magazines? Do you revisit them? Are they a source of inspiration?


  1. Hi Deb,
    I cull. I go through them about once a year , tear out the articles/patterns I want, then toss the leftovers. See you on at the Trunk show. 5 of us from Collingwood are coming over.

  2. I do as above. If I didn't, I'd be drowning.

  3. In the past I would use them as waiting room material when my dad was having all those medical appointments.I would grab a bunch to take along. This year things are different and reading this gave me a great 'prod' to discard the ones which have nothing I would use. My subscriptions have dwindled over the years down to 2 mags, though because of the lack of plus size and no-sew patterns. One of them is a digital subscription,and I prefer that now. It gives me storage space..out of the house!

  4. I'm still kicking myself for throwing out old issues of Vogue Knitting and Knitters, dating back to the 1980s. At that time, Knitters was a really good read, with articles devoted to technique by notable authors such as EZ, rather than being devoted to projects designed to sell the latest yarn. Now, I find little of interest in print magazines and spend my time perusing the ones that are published exclusively online. It seems that that's where most of the action is. Isn't that why I'm reading this blog?

  5. I used to buy & save most of the knitting magazines but I'm finding shelf space & DUSTING what's on those shelves to be a pain. I'm really not finding magazines worth buying anymore either. I don't like paper magazine downloads - they don't read properly!! But I do like the on-line magazines with interactive modules or expanded articles. The members of my knitting group have been bringing magazines to pass on before they go to recycling. I suspect that's where most of my dust collectors will end up.


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