Tuesday 5 August 2014

Think Inside the Box

Do you like that phrase "think outside the box"? I must admit that I don't. I once heard someone say that outside the box is a lonely place. It's the place for geniuses. Geniuses think up weird and wonderful stuff and then wait for the rest of us to catch up. Sometimes we do and often we don't.

On the other hand, the centre of the box is a very safe place. It's where lots and lots of people are and never venture away from. Safe if great lots of the time. But sometimes we can get stale there. It's fantastic knitting when you love what you're seeing in the photo or you're stressed in other areas of your life and need something to turn out right. I do it myself from time to time.

But what if we ventured closer to the outside edge of the box? That's where interesting things can happen. You might add in a stitch pattern you made up yourself. I bet it would look great. Or exaggerate some feature of the sweater, like the shaping. How about a really, really wide A-line? Or take a chance and pinch in that waist one more inch. How about an assymetrical bottom border just for the fun of it. It might surprise you how good it can look. Not quite knowing the outcome is a little scary but it certainly adds a little spice to your knitting and possibly a new "look" to your sweater wardrobe.

I'm hoping that the Need A Circular Yoke book takes you closer to the outside of the box. All the numbers are there but the decisions are yours. If you're taking on the challenge of putting together your own sweater I applaud you. I'm glad you're coming on the ride. Join us at Need A Circular Yoke KAL for some company along the journey, advice and answers to any questions.

Add some spice,
P.S. Thanks Sharon & t_a. I truely appreciate your encouragement.

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  1. I love cabin Fever material because they are real tutorials.It is like being right there in a LYS.
    It is SAFE inside the box. Knitting outside the box while making modifications requires the 'M' word..somethiing so many of us hate(and hate to admit), but nevertheless, it is necessary for altering a pattern.(Math)
    I love Cabin fever because the author(s) gives periodic check up stitch totals for each size as one goes from section to section and you can calculate from there and check to see if you're spot on! That makes venturing closer to the edge of the box more comfortable and less frustrating each time something new or different is done.
    Thanks Cabin Fever!


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