Thursday 25 September 2014

I sent out a Newsletter asking for suggestions for new designs for 2014-15 season. The overwhelming response was for patterns for boys. I am also interested in adding in patterns to top down garments so here is my first one out of the gate.
A relatively simple pullover in Cotton Tweed (Rust) with ribbed sleeves, sizes 2-8 years old. I thought this would be easy to work but working multiple sizes with a stitch pattern is pretty interesting (that means my eraser got a huge work out and my calculator was smokin'). Getting the stitches to come out at the bottom of the yoke close to the size so that the underarm cast on stitches would work out for the sleeve & body is a trick. It took several erasing and as usual I didn't quite have it worked out until I actually put yarn to needles and knit. It's always easier for me to think while I'm knitting.
I added ribbing down the sides. I like that it really breaks up all the stockinette stitch needed for the body.
I got quite a bit more done at our Knitting Guild meeting last night. A very portable knit once the Great Divide is finished and the side ribbing is set up.


  1. A very nice idea for a boy, but I would think anyone would be happy with that sweater. Make for happy knitting, too.
    Jill - Where it asks for a profile, I have no idea what to use so went for anonymous

  2. Good idea! I like the ribbed sides which help make it fit better too. BUT - I've had real trouble with younger boys who hate pulling on a closely fitting neck.. Is it possible to work out an opening down the raglan or across the shoulder for buttons?? I've quite often knit bottom-ups for those kids with an open shoulder for buttons.


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