Tuesday 16 September 2014

Steek Cutting

I'm ready to get cut my steek. I've altered my capelet. Altered, meaning frogged a whole lot of it since I discovered I'm not a capelet person. Who knew. I've taken it back so I can make it a sweater since I know for sure I'm a sweater person. But I'm going to cut it now to show you my method of cutting a steek.

My sewing machine is set up for a short stitch with a loose tension. I sewed 2 lines up stitch#2 and stitch#4.
I turn it inside out so I can see the sewing lines.
Cut right down the centre being very careful not to cut any of the machine stitching.
As easy as that.
The steek wants to roll to the back on each side. Next step would be to pick up stitches for the buttonbands. Steeks are easy to do and so effective. I'm not very good with my sewing machine and I find this quite fun to do.
Just one more tool for your knitting toolbox. You might start to look at pullovers differently from now on knowing that they can be converted to a cardigan with just a little bit of sewing and a pair of scissors.

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