Wednesday 22 October 2014

I've fallen off the Writer's Challenge wagon. But for a very good reason, teaching.

It's amazing to watch knitters finish their very first sweater. It's an experience never to be repeated so that first one is special. The knitters at the Ramara Community Centre finished not one but several little sweaters over our 5 weeks of classes.

On the road last weekend, where Bea of The Match Factory in New Liskeard, ON hosted me to teach many kinds of Short Rows. It even snowed for half and hour twice during the day. We were glad to be inside knitting.
A great group of knitters there.
Then on Sunday I was at Stix and Stones in North Bay. . .
where many knitters came out for tea and a talk about our Cabin Fever books. They're all ready for Halloween there.

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  1. So great to see those first sweaters! Like you, I'd like more knitters to be sweater knitters. You get to so many interesting places--but I'd rather not know about the snow.


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