Friday 21 November 2014

Girl Stepped Pattern

I'm testknitting the Baby Vest pattern with a stepped stitch pattern. The boy's version is done and now I'm knitting one in a girl colour. 
I've done charts and written instructions. It's so logical to me when I look at the charted version. It's the written instructions that take quite a bit longer to write and check. Charts or written, which works for you?

I'm really pleased that the pattern is showing up so well. Almost to the Great Divide. A vest is so quick to knit. I feel like I'm almost done.


  1. I can knit either way but I think a chart is better for the complicated patterns.

  2. I agree. Having grown up with written instructions I can do them okay, but charts are so much easier to read.

  3. Charts, every time. I also like diagrams, in the Japanese style, which is how I write down patterns in my workbooks for my own use. I guess it's easier to see pictures in my head than to think everything out in words!

  4. Love it!!! CHARTS, please!!
    There are 3 wee ones waiting for the latest style!!!

    Thanks so much, Elizabeth


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