Thursday 15 January 2015

Successful correction to design

It's amazing how fixing something that is a constant niggle at the back of your mind actually makes the project fun to knit again. Sometimes it's a good idea to look at all those UFO's and figure out why they are sitting in the time-out chair.

I also learned something I probably should have known before. Trying to get the garter stitch pattern started in order to work it back up was difficult until I discovered how to recognize the last stitch of the fabric on the right. If the last stitch in the fabric is a knit stitch the yarn is coming out of the back of the work (top of photo, bottom arrow) and if the last stitch is a purl it's coming out of the front of the fabric (top arrow). This was an "ah, ha" moment and a smack myself on the forehead "DUH" moment at the same time. But once I had that, I could motor along no problem!
I'm with Liz, this is a morning job, sitting in front of a window with the sun pouring in. I got it done quite quickly once I got started. Much further ahead now and once again enjoying every moment.

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