Thursday 29 January 2015

One Too Many Rip Backs

I'm taking a good look at my blue, and I want to do one more rip back. It's official, this is the rip back sweater.
I don't like the side ribbing, it puckers just above the ribbing and I can see it when I wear it.
I like the ribbing on the back but I'd like it to be at the upper back not the small of the back.
And I think I'd like the stitch pattern to make A-line shape starting below the ribbing which means it might be a longer sweater than I thought I wanted at the beginning.
Sometimes a sweater is sooo perfect in your head but doesn't quite come out right on the needles. Time to start over with a much firmer idea of what I want.


  1. Good Gawd! You're gonna rip that back??? I guess I just don't have the patience to keep ripping . . . . eeek. I do love the big collar & that very wide button band - but how about seed or double seed as a change to the ribbing. And did you start at the collar or the neck??? Just curious.

  2. Clearly, you and I operate with the same methodology! This is so much fun to watch.


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